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Retrofitting Belt Conveyor

Keeping It Simple

Can the cutting edge technology of the Air Supported Belt Conveyor be used to fix trouble spots on conventional idler conveyors? Can this be done without draining the capital expenditures budget? We at The Hendrik Group, Inc. think we can accomplish this and more. We can engineer and retrofit existing, high maintenance, material spilling, dust generating, conventional idler type belt conveyors by removing some or all of the existing carrying idlers and replacing them with 10 foot long air supported plenum sections that have dust and weather tight covers.

What about cost? The price per foot of conveyor varies based upon width, length and the number of load points, but in all cases it is almost half the cost of a completely new conveyor. Give us a call. We would truly enjoy talking to you about the savings realized by retrofitting yourexisting conveyors.

  • Using the existing tail and tail snub pulley.
  • Using the existing discharge and discharge snub pulley.
  • Using the existing take-up pulleys and frames.
  • Using the existing drive and motor.
  • In most cases, using the existing belt.
  • Using the existing return rollers.
  • Using the existing support steel,
  • Reduce conveyor maintenance by 85 – 90%
  • Elimination of all moving parts between tail and discharge pulleys
  • Eliminate spills
  • Belt is supported by a continuous, sealed trough
  • Reduce dust emissions
  • Both the carrying and return sides are completely enclosed
  • Elimination of friction between tail and discharge
  • Increases belt life, lowers belt tensions
  • Reduction in conveyor support steel
  • Inherent cross section of conveyor enables support spacing to be every 60 – 100 feet. Longer spans / fewer supports




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