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HoverTube™    Air Supported Belt Conveyor

Keeping It Simple

In our continuing effort to offer our clients the latest technology at the best value, we introduce the HoverTube™.

Our latest model of air supported belt conveyors (asbc), the HoverTube™ was designed to provide the most maintenance free form of bulk material handling, while lowering initial capital investment. The HoverTube™ can span greater unsupported distances and can be assembled more easily.The same principles and features of the HoverGlide™ are utilized in the HoverTube™ including air supported carrying and return sides.

All of the benefits are included and the overall cost is less. The HoverTube™ can handle most forms of dry bulk materials. There are no limitations on length, load or capacity. The HoverTube™ is designed for indoor and outdoor applications and is manufactured in a wide range of materials and finishes. More than 30 years of experience in bulk materials handling have gone into the design of the HoverTube™ and HoverGlide™.

  • Belt widths from 24" – 72” (600 to 1800mm)
  • Variable frequency fan and conveyor drives
  • Slow speed or “creep” drives for cold weather operation
  • Belt scales
  • Sampling systems
  • Metal detectors
  • Fire suppression, heat detection systems
  • Multiple load points
  • Explosion relief panels/explosion suppression systems
  • Installation supervision
  • Both the carrying and return sides are completely enclosed
  • Both the carrying and return sides are supported on a cushion (film) of air
  • Eliminates friction between tail and discharge
  • Eliminates all moving parts between tail and discharge pulleys
  • Increases belt life, lowers belt tensions
  • Reduces dust emissions
  • Eliminate spills
  • Reduce conveyor maintenance by 75–90%
  • Inherent cross section of conveyor enables support spacing to be every 60–100 feet. Longer spans-fewer supports
  • Reduces conveyor support steel
  • Eliminates walkways, galleries and trusses
  • No moving parts between tail and discharge means there is no need for a walkway
  • Use CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) Standards for belt widths, transition distances, edge distances, pulley traction, starting characteristics and friction factors
  • Standard 45 degree trough provides 10–15% more carrying capacity
  • Conveyors are shipped pre-assembled in 39’-8” lengths
  • Simpler, faster installation
  • Product separation and degradation is curtailed
  • CAD generated engineering drawings
  • 19’-10” (6045mm) conveyor modules
  • 39’-8” (12090mm), shop assembled shipping lengths
  • Completely assembled discharge enclosures up to 42” wide (1060mm) , assemblies for larger conveyors
  • SP-6 steel preparation with choices of paint applications
  • Two, three or four stage belt cleaning systems
  • Starting under fully loaded conditions
  • Impeccable follow up



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