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HoverGlide™     Air Supported Belt Conveyor

As a pioneer in the Bulk Materials Handling Industry, The Hendrik Group, Inc. provides custom designed solutions to bulk materials handling applications.

HoverGlideā„¢ air supported belt conveyors (asbc) use meticulously calibrated air chambers to support conveyor belts carrying bulk materials with fewer friction oriented components than vintage roller conveyors.

These conveyors utilize a thin cushion of air (film) rather than idlers to support the belt and load. Use of this air film reduces friction between the tail section and discharge thus reducing dust emissions, spills and, of course, maintenance. This reduction in friction, dust emissions, spills and maintenance can be translated into an annual OPEX savings of as much as $40,000 to $50,000 in housekeeping and parts replacement. Installation savings may also be realized since walkways along the conveyors are not needed and enclosed galleries are not required. Conveyor support spacing ranges from 20-40 feet depending on the width.

  • Reduced belt friction between tail and discharge pulleys lessons belt wear
  • Inherent structural integrity of conveyor increases support spacing to 20-40 feet
  • Inherent structural integrity of conveyor permits modular trusses up to 100 feet spans
  • No moving components between tail and discharge pulleys reduces the need for walkways and virtually eliminates maintenance
  • Weather tight and dust proof tight hip roof covers eliminate the need for conveyor enclosures
  • CAD generated engineering drawings
  • Heavy guage, high quality materials - "built to last"
  • SSPC-SP6 steel preperation with choices of paint applications
  • Completely assembled head and discharge enclosures
  • 10 foot conveyor modules
  • Impeccable follow up
  • Fewer intermediate supports
  • Weather tight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Pratically noiseless
  • Less product degration
  • Lower maintenance costs



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