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The Air Supported Transition

The Air Supported Transition:

The Air Supported Transition (Patent applied for) provides a fully supported belt during the folding and unfolding stage of a belt conveyor, from tail pulley to trough and from trough to discharge pulley. Its function is to prevent spills in these generally unsupported sections of any troughed belt conveyor. This transition is available in 20, 35 and 45 degree troughing angles.

The plenum bed plate is formed from a trough on one end and tapered to a flat on the other. Under the plenum bed plate is a formed box that serves as an air chamber. Both ends have angled flanges to attach to the HoverGlideā„¢ or HoverTubeā„¢ air-supported conveyor on one side and the discharge enclosure of the conveyor on the other. The tapered plenum plate has a series of holes down the centerline, the diameter and spacing of which changes per the application.

Air is introduced into the box or air chamber and forced through these holes, creating a film of air that supports the belt and load on the belt. This transition replaces an otherwise unsupported section of any belt conveyor that is prone to spills.


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